When I wrote the first draft of my novel series, The Mikveh Scrolls,
I was attempting to deal with the relentless bondage of Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder (PTSD)... an insidious condition resulting from combat
experience in Kuwait and Iraq during the first Gulf War.
  If you are familiar with PTSD, then you know what a destructive
force it is. It wrecks lives, destroys families and robs individuals of
joy, good judgment and personal initiative. From my own experience and
for my own reasons, I believe it to be a weapon of the demonic.
  Through a combination of writing about the skeletons and ghosts
inhabiting my mental closet, thereby exposing them to the light of
Truth, and through the love of my wife Angela, who is a godly woman, I
was able to rise above my PTSD and deal with it in such a way that it is
now manageable. I called on the name of Jesus and I have realized the
mercy and grace of God in my life. I know I am forgiven. As a result,
the nightmares are less frequent and have lost their sting. The faces of
the dead are becoming more and more blurry. Their anguished voices are
growing faint. The destructive demons are no longer in control and have
been reduced to mere annoyances. The deceiving prosecutors can no
longer falsely charge me with the blood staining my hands because it has
been covered by a new shade of crimson – the cleansing blood of Christ.
Their tormenting cries of, “You should have died too!” have lost their
accusatory power.  
  The name of God is a remarkable source of healing. Psalm 111:9
says, “He provided redemption for his people; he ordained his covenant
forever – holy and awesome is his name.”
  Friends, the way God provided redemption was through Christ
crucified. I know that to those who are non-believers, that seems
foolishness. And I know, to my Jewish friends, that concept presents a
problem. But to those who are called, Christ is the wisdom and power of
God. Paul acknowledges these impasses in his first letter to the
Corinthians and says this in response to them: “…the foolishness of God
is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.”
Personally, I would rather have small faith in something great, than
great faith in something weak.    
  Do you have ghosts and skeletons haunting you today? Call out to
Jesus and let the redemptive power of His name cleanse you of them
forever. Satan is the great accuser. If you get into a relationship with
the living Christ, the accusations of the evil one will lose their power
over your life. Paul says, “But by His [God’s] doing you are in Christ
Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, and righteousness and
sanctification, and redemption…” (1 Corinthians 1:30). God has provided
the way to exorcise your demons. Christ Jesus is the way.

     By His Grace,
             Pastor Steven †  

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